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Air Lock Inflatable Door Seal

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    Industry: Aerospace and Military, Pharmaceutical and life sciences, Chemical Plants, Fluid Handling, Fabrication and Heavy Engineering, Nuclear Power

Air lock inflatable door seal are used in advanced applications where perfect sealing of door is required.  In industry like pharmaceutical , chemical processing ,  nuclear power and other such industries where sealing is critical to prevent contaminants from entering a particular room.  In such applications where environment needs to be isolated, Inflatable door seals are used. These inflatable seals are inflated upon door closure to seal the gap between door and its surrounding frame. The property of polymer is such that is expands to completely cut off and isolate the entire room.


Elastomers used in manufacturing Airlock inflatable door seal

·      FDA complaint Silicone

·      FKM for high temperature application

·      FGN/NR for cheaper option

·      EPDM

·      Buna N / Nitrile

·      Chloroprene


Types of of seal

·      Expanding radially inward

·      Expanding radially outward

·      Expanding top

·      Expanding bottom



·      Pharmaceutical Fluidized bed dryer( FBD/FBP/FBE) machines

·      Pharmaceutical tablet coater machines

·      Door lock seal for nuclear plants

·      Door lock seal for Train coaches.

·      Air tight door for sterilization chambers.

·      Air locking doors for chemical processing Units

·      Air locking for sliding doors in Virology laboratories

·      Air locking doors for Aerospace manufacturing/assembly units and equipment.


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