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Autoclave Silicone Gasket

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    Industry: Pharmaceutical and life sciences, Chemical Plants

Autoclave is a container in which chemical reaction is carried out at elevated temperatures and pressure.  Autoclave are also used for sterilization of surgical equipment and metal parts which may come in contact with human body or in manufacturing of any product (like medicines in pharmaceuticals) for human consumption. Autoclave silicone gaskets are extensively used in the pharmaceutical, food and surgical product manufacturing industries. We at Western Rubbers India Pvt. Ltd. make quality autoclave gaskets in various dimensions and sizes. Our autoclave silicone gaskets are FDA compliant. 




Salient Features of autoclave rubber gaskets: -


·      FDA compliant

·      Food grade tested

·      Temperature resistance up to 260 degree Celsius

·      Excellent steam resistance 

·      Excellent chemical resistance

·      Better life because of anti-aging properties 

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