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Fabric Reinforced Inflatable Rubber Seal

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    Industry: Aerospace and Military, Chemical Plants, Fabrication and Heavy Engineering, Petroleum Refining, Nuclear Power



Western Rubbers India Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneer in bringing the technology of manufacturing custom moulded fabric-reinforced inflatable seals in India.

We take pride in being one of the biggest manufacturer of fabric reinforced inflatable seals. From OEMS to end users, from small scale engineering companies to multinationals we have made seals for all of them to be used in their demanding application.


Fabric reinforced inflatable seals are used when we need to seal two surfaces which can move in with reference to each other.  The elastic properties of rubber which lets a seal be dynamic by letting it inflate and retain original position on deflation is what makes inflatable seals so special and widely used in the engineering fields for sealing.




Advantage of fabric reinforced inflatable seal

·      Can be used in continuous operations at closed pressures of upto 20 bar(kg/mm2).

·      Different types of fabrics can be used to increase pressure resistance or rigidity.

·      On deflation the seal retains original shape

·      Fabric reinforced seal give longer operational life as compared to normal seals in higher pressures.

·      They do not suffer from premature loss of compression set





Fabric options



·      Polyester          (Dacron®)

·      Polypropylene  (PP)    

·      Polyamide         (Nylon® )                      

·      Polyaramide     (Nomex® , Kevlar® )

·      Plant Fibre        ( Cotton) 

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