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Fabric Reinforced Rubber Dipahragm

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    Industry: Pumps & Valves

Fabric re-inforced diaphragms are precision moulded rubber  products  having a layer of fabric sandwiched between two layers of rubber. The purpose of this fabric layer is to enhance the durability , tensile strength , flexure strength, flex cycle and many other  such physical characteristics. We at Western Rubbers India pvt. Ltd. are manufacturing such critical diaphragms with utmost care and precision to provide one of the best quality diaphragms at the most competitive cost.


We  manufacture dipahragms from 2”(5mm) to 60”(1500mm) in diameter and  1”(2.5mm) to 40”(1000mm)  in height.


Benefits of using our Diaphragms:-

  • Made with best quality raw materials available across globe
  • In house Mixing of rubber compounds to get best physical property
  • Experienced technical team to assist you in solving problems related to diaphragm failures
  • Our diaphragm provide best flex life and provide one of the highest flexure cycles
  • With our huge experience and technical know how, we also custom make diaphragms for critical applications like , cryogenics, nuclear and aerospace.
  • We also manufacture diaphragms used in extreme environments like high temperature , fuel oil resistant , acids resistant , alkali resistant and various other organics and inorganic solvents. 


  • Automotive industry
  • Petroleum and Oil industry
  • Pumps , valves and fluid handling industry
  • Aerospace

Available fabrics

  • Polyester (Dacron)
  • Polyamide( Nylon 6 , nylon 66)
  • Polyaramide ( Nomex ,Kevlar)
  • Plant fibre      (Cotton)
  • Carbon fibre  (Carbon nano particle fabric)

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