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Powder/bulk material handling inflatable seal

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    Industry: Chemical Plants, Fluid Handling, Fabrication and Heavy Engineering


Powder/ bulk material handling inflatable seals are used in unit process machines like rotary mixer grinder, fluidized bed dryer, Jaw Crusher and Vacuum Separator to isolate and seal the entire process. Manufacturing of powders especially micro powders have processes mentioned above which are very difficult to control in terms of the fine particles that fly in the atmosphere around it because of poor sealing.  These days in the world of nano technology storing and transferring of Nano particles is a challenging problem in the field of bulk material handling. These minute particles can be harmful to the people working in the vicinity becoming a health hazard. Also due to the material that gets lost in the air, the manufacturing cost goes up because of these loses. Hence they require a good quality inflatable seal at the entry and exit points so as to keep the machine perfectly sealed.


We can manufacture inflatable seals (also with reinforcements) that can withstand closed pressure upto 20 Bar.


Salient Features/Benefits

·      Reinforcements of choice available (nylon®, polypropylene, Kevlar®,Nomex®)

·      Life cycle test and burst test carried out in house

·      Seal thoroughly checked for leakages before dispatch.

·      Warranty/Guarantee on seal leaks from nozzle or joints.

·      Seal available in all possible rubbers.

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