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Silicone Inflatable seal for FBD,FBE and Coaters

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    Industry: Pharmaceutical and life sciences


Silicone rubber since its discovery has been used for a wide range of applications.

One such sector in which it has been extensively used is Pharmaceuticals. Because of its chemical inertness, Food grade properties and its transparency, It became on of the favorite choices in selection of polymeric raw materials.

Some of the main unit processes in the production cycle of any pharmaceutical industry include granulation, blending, Drying, coating etc.


In the process of Drying these companies use machines called as Fluidized Bed Dryers(Also known as Fluidized Bed Equipment acronym: FBE) or more commonly known as FBDs.

Coating processes make use of the Machines called Coaters.


All of these machines are made of various grades of stainless steel. From time to time these machines have chambers, which have to be cleaned to start another batch, change filter bag or sometimes just for maintenance shut down.  Hence these machines are never in one piece but generally have openings. The thing about these openings is that even when they are in operation they create contamination by bringing in the outside atmospheric air.

One thing common about all of these machines is that they need to be 100% contamination free.  That implies, no atmospheric substance including air can come in contact with the product being processed.


Hence a new Innovative polymer product was manufacture to give 100 percent sealing between contacting metal parts in the FBD machines.  These were called Silicone inflatable seals.


These were called so because of their unique properties that made them different than regular seals.  These seals can inflate and seal all nooks and corners perfectly so as to give 100 percent sealing even when the machine is pressurized. Platinum Cured Transparent silicone inflatable seals are used on fluid bed dryer as well as fluid bed processors FBP in machines of capacities from 25 kg to 1500 kg



These Silicone Inflatable seals or gaskets are classified into


A)  Based on machine design

1)   Top Gasket

2)   Filter Bag gasket

3)   Bottom Gasket


B)  Based on Nozzle placement on gasket

1)   Nozzle on Inside( on ID ) of gasket

2)   Nozzle on the outside (on OD) of gasket

3)   Nozzle on the top of gasket

4)   Nozzle on the Bottom of gasket


C)   Based on OEM Machine Manufacturer.





Advantages Of Using Our Silicone Inflatable seals.

·      Our seals are made from special grades of Wacker® and Dow Corning® which give added life to product

·      1 year warranty on Leakage from the joint or nozzle

·      We have over a decade of experience in making these seals , hence we only give you the best

·      Our seals go under rigorous quality testing before dispatch

·      We provide all relevant data and certifications needed by our client

·      We manufacture and provide these inflatable seals to all top OEM machine manufacturers in India.

·      Assist clients to improve their sealing and polymer technologies to avoid FDA compliance related problems.

·      Above all our superior service and on time delivery are the qualities that have differentiated from our competitors 



We manufacture inflatable seals of following OEM machine manufacturers

1)   ACG

2)   Alliance Engineering

3)   Tapasya

4)   Bactochem

5)   Anish Pharmaceuticals

6)   Glatt

7)   Kevin process technologies





Certifications for food grade silicon products.


Drug Master File  (DMF) Number 29046. 

  • Food contact status and FDA regulations : FDA 21CFR177.2600
  • Silicon Rubber Oxidation Resistance Data
  • Silicon Rubber Tear strength data
  • Silicon rubber steam resistance data
  • Silicon rubber fungus resistance data
  • USP-28 Toxicology Test report
  • BSE/TSE certificate
  • Silicon Rubber Tested on Dak System Inc. U.T.M.
  • Pressure Test Certificates
  • Rheometer rubber compound Graphs.


PropertyInspection MethodValue
 The figures are intended as a guide and should not be used in preparing specifications.
 Density at 20 °C ISO 1183-1 A Approx. 1.17 g/cm³
 Elongation at break DIN 53504 S 1 580 %
 Hardness Shore A DIN 53505 59
 Rebound elasticity DIN 53512 44 %
 Tensile strength DIN 53504 S 1 10 N/mm²
 tear-strength ASTM D 624 B 42 N/mm


If we do not have your specifications, size or make, not a problem, send us your drawing with specifications and we can get it manufactured for you. 


For further technical details or any other guidance in polymer technologies kindly write to us. Will be more than willing to help you.

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