Western rubber Gaskets

Gaskets are mechanical seals that are required to fill in the space between two mating surfaces while under compression. They help prevent leakages that might arise on account of irregulates between the surfaces. It’s very simple, but yet highly effective property has resulted in wide use of gaskets in fields like petroleum refining, chemical plants, shipping, electric power, pharmaceutical etc. Undertaking all processes in-house, from tooling to manufacturing to Quality Control to dispatch, Western Rubbers’ provides the flexibility of custom designing your gasket in any color, size, grade, or hardness, in order to meet your current as well as future sealing requirements. .

Other Types of Gaskets

  • Butterfly Valve Gaskets
  • Manhole Gaskets
  • Autoclave Gaskets
  • Die-Cut Gaskets

    Autoclave Gaskets

    An autoclave is a pressurized chamber that is used for carrying out medical, industrial and scientific processes requiring elevated temperatures and pressures. In pharmaceutical applications, autoclaves are required for sterilizing equipment. In chemical set ups, autoclaves are necessary for vulcanizing and curing rubber. Western Rubbers has been custom manufacturing autoclave gaskets for over 3 decades now. With years of R&D as well as the advantage of having every manufacturing process in-house, from tooling to QC to dispatch, today Western Rubbers has the expertise in custom engineering and fabricating any gasket in any size for your application.


    • Medical Industry
    • Chemical Processing
    • Sterilization Mechanisms
    • Industrial Processes
    • Steam Autoclave Applications
    • Surgical Product Manufacturing

    Die Cut Gaskets

    Western Rubbers is a leading manufacturer of high-quality die cut gaskets. Our aim is to provide our customers with the most effective designing, tooling, prototyping, engineering and manufacturing solutions to deliver the perfect gasket for their application. Western Rubbers has a modern manufacturing set up along with trained, knowledgeable and technically sound staff, enabling us to meet every single specification and tolerance requirement of our customers. At Western Rubbers we have our internal die making facility. This not only helps us in cutting production costs, but also allows us to maintain tight tolerances with our dies and manufacture the product within the shortest lead time.


    • Transportation
    • Fluid Handling
    • Pumps And Valves
    • Filtration Industries
    • Chemical Processing
    • Dairy
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Thermal

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