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Inflatable seals designed for versatile applications

Inflatable Seals for Satellite Transportation Systems (STS)

Satellite Transportation Systems (STS) have a very crucial role to play in securing the satellite against environmental hazards encountered during transportation. Western Rubbers supplies its uniquely designed inflatable seal to be fixed inside the suspension cradle of the STS. The role of this inflatable seal is to mitigate shock, vibration and handling loads. It also offers a 100% contamination proof environment, which has to mandatorily be maintained during satellite transportation. With the help of Western Rubbers’ inflatable seal, the STS can shield the satellite from climatic hazards such as temperature, humidity, contamination, rain, dust, differential pressure, etc.

Inflatable Seal for Vibration Testing Room

Satellites are extremely costly and complex systems. Therefore, they are subjected to extensive quality tests to ensure survivability during launch, deployment, and operation. The vibration environment for satellites during the launch phase is typically quite severe. Subjecting the satellite to a vibration environment that simulates the launch phase is useful for determining if the satellite will survive the atmospheric severities during and after its launch. Western Rubbers manufactures carefully designed inflatable seals that play a major role in sealing the vibration testing facility in creating a leak proof set up. This is of crucial importance because during the testing phase high frequency sound waves are generated, which can pose serious health hazards to mankind as well as the surrounding environment in case of any leakage.

Inflatable Seal for Aircraft Doors

It would be an understatement to say that inflatable seals are crucial for leak proof sealing of aircraft doors.Aircraft cabins are pressurized using cooled and filtered air from the atmosphere, for maintaining pressure equivalent to the altitude of the flight. This is essential for allowing hindrance-free breathing for all on board the aircraft. Aircraft doors are tightly sealed with Western Rubbers’ inflatable seals installed around the periphery of the door to expand radially outward.

Inflatable Seal for Aircraft Hangars

Aircraft hangars are massive structures made to house some number of airplanes. Whether jumbo jets or private aircrafts, these hangars need to be large as well as completely secure to protect the planes from weather damage and threats from other elements, like dust, debris, rodents, birds, etc. Aircrafts are bulky investments costing millions of dollars. Hence, any kind of damage on account of poor sealing of hangar doors should be avoided. This can easily be taken care of by Western Rubbers’ custom engineered inflatable seals. Our inflatable seals offer effective dust proof sealing on all sides of the hangar door.

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