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Bonded rubber components are a preferred over virgin rubber products in many applications. In today’s era of complex machines and processes, sometimes one material is not enough to fulfil all the needs of industry.
Therefore, rubber has to be bonded with metals, engineering plastics, wood, fabric, etc. to meet the required application demands in terms of strength, flexibility, hardness, pressure or temperature resistance. In such cases, rubber is bonded to a substrate using chemicals for surface treatments.


•Use of latest technology in rubber mixing, adhesive chemistry and bonding process.
•With an expert team of chemical engineers, we design our own methods for bonding on substrate.
•We carry an in-depth analysis on the materials. So we can recommend the preferred chemistry for rubber bonding.
•Pre-surface treatment - A very essential component of a good bond between two materials is the preparation of surface. We perform our own preparation in terms of chemical etching and blasting before performing the bonding process
•Choice of adhesive agent - Choosing the right adhesive agent for the right material and conditions is the key, as the life and bond strength depends on this factor
•R&D- With years of R&D, we have tried and tested various materials for the best bond strength. This allows us to provide our customers with extensive data to back all our findings.
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