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Case Studies

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rubber seals industry with our blogs

A vital link in COVID-19 vaccine distribution

Western Rubbers recently received an inquiry from a renown global chain responsible for the transportation and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines.
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Re-designing FBD gasket for perfect fit

Recently, Western Rubbers had received a request from an established pharmaceutical OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), to manufacture 3 silicone inflatable seals to seal the chambers of a Fluidized Bed Dryer machine (FBD).
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Designing the ideal gasket for a tablet press

Recently, Western Rubbers had received a request for manufacturing a silicone gasket from a very established company in the drug manufacturing sector, for sealing the 4 lids on all sides of a Tablet Compression Machine.
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An inflatable seal or a beast?

Recently, at Western Rubbers, we received an inquiry from an American construction company for an inflatable seal.
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