By Construction

Non- Reinforced Inflatable Seals

Western Rubbers’ non-reinforced inflatable seals are only made from elastomers. They are mostly extruded constructions; however, they can also be molded to meet specific dimensional parameters. Unlike fabric reinforced inflatable seals, non-reinforced constructions cannot withstand very high internal pressure. Being available at relatively lower prices, without compromising on quality and performance,non-reinforced inflatable seals are the preferred option across the globe for regular sealing applications.

Fabric Reinforced Inflatable Seals

In applications involving extreme pressure/temperature conditions or in rugged environments like ocean beds, high temperature furnaces, nuclear plants, etc. Western Rubbers’ molded fabric reinforced inflatable seals are recommended. The molding process eliminates joints and the fabric reinforcement adds to the seal’s overall strength and resilience, hence offering superior seal shelf life. Western Rubbers’ fabric reinforced inflatable seals have complex manufacturing processes,requiring special tooling for the same. With over 30 years of industrial experience, Western Rubbers’ has developed the required tools and skill sets to manufacture standard as well as any custom engineered profile. Fabrics are carefully molded within the seals with high levels of precision. Depending upon the application of the seal, fabric with appropriate properties is chosen.
Available fabrics include:
• Nylon(™)
• Dacron(™)
• Nomex(™)
• Kevlar(™)

By Expansion

Axially expanding Inflatable Seals have the centerline diameter as the fixed dimension. The Inflatable Seal expands in the perpendicular direction with respect to the diameter. These seals are sometimes also referred to as face seals
Seals expanding radially outward have the Air Inlet Valves(AIV) typically installed into a channel with the inside diameter (ID) as the fixed dimension.
Inflatable seals with small outside diameters may end up wrinkling with this kind of expansion. Seals expanding radially inward have Air Inlet Valves(AIV) typically installed into a channel with the outside diameter (OD) .

By Geometry

Inflatable Seals with circular geometry are the most commonly used seals owing to their wide application.  Circular Inflatable Seals are the mostly preferred in manhole covers, hopper seals or in industrial machinery like fluidized bed dryers, autoclaves; where in the machines are made in circular dimensions.
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Rectangular Inflatable Seals are very commonly found in door applications like doors for clean rooms, nuclear facility, satellite testing facility, etc. Please note, Western Rubbers’ does not fabricate rectangular seals with tight radiused corners. This is to ensure the seal expansion is not compromised at any point.
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U shaped Inflatable Seals are a common configuration in inflatable gate seals. Ends of u-shaped seals are vulcanized and hence cannot inflate. The uninflated portion of the seal depends upon the seal profile and application. Appropriate retention mechanisms for this configuration is available at Western Rubbers.
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Inflatable seals with straight configurations are most commonly found in clamps and actuators. Straight seals have vulcanized ends that do not expand. The amount of uninflated area in straight seals depends on profile and application. We provide retention mechanisms that work well for straight seals.

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