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Gas-tight sealing for speciality doors



Where health hazard on account of leakage is in question, manufacturers go to all lengths to ensure a 100% safe environment for human safety. Hence, the need for gas tight, air tight, and water proof doors in applications where there could be possibilities of fatal leakages. Needless to mention that effective sealing becomes key in trusted functioning of these doors. Inflatable seals are the most commonly used seals in critical applications. Originally required for marine applications, today inflatable seals has become a necessity for safe functioning in all regulated environments like nuclear facilities, bio hazardous laboratories, pharmaceutical drug manufacturing sites, and military sites


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Asia’s largest and fastest manufacturer of inflatable seals
Hot vulcanized gaskets for extended life
Gaskets for extreme temperatures; -80˚C to 220˚C
Inflatable seals with 6 month warranty certification

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Inflatable Seals

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Sealing Autoclave Doors

Sealing autoclave doors

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