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Rubber Bellows

Rubber Bellows

Rubber bellows or Boots are special kinds of rubber products, which can move in a particular direction and return back to their original shape upon release of tension. Bellows are made of convulsions that allow them considerable travel along the length axis. These are available as an off the shelf product as well as they can be customised as per requirements.h.

Rubber Bellows Overview

  • Bellows can travel to and fro in the axis of the lengths.
  • Specially compounded formulations that provide maximum vibration and noise dampening effect.
  • Some of our Bellows are designed to work for a 1,000,000 cycles of travel before they fail due to material fatigue.
  • Can be manufactured in any material or design of choice.

Elastomers Used for Manufacturing Rubber Bellows


One of the most versatile synthetic rubbers. Can resist a very wide range of temperatures from -50 to 300 degree celsius.


Ethylene Propylene Diene Rubber has excellent weather, heat, and ozone resistance due to saturated polymer chain.

FKM -Viton®

Also known as FKM or Fluoroelastomer, it is known to have excellent chemical resistance in comparison to all materials.


Nitrile Butadiene Rubber known for its swell resistance use in alcohol, petrochemical and other derived fluids.

Neoprene (Chloroprene)

Also known as Chloroprene rubber & has chlorine in its polymer chain. Due to this it is naturally fire retardant.

Natural Rubber

The only available natural rubber sourced from rubber trees, it has one of the best physical properties amongst all elastomers.

Points to be Considered when Choosing Custom Rubber Bellows

Understanding the direction and distance of travel

It is important to know in what direction the bellow or boot should expand or contract. After the direction, the length of travel needs to be decided.

Information of the mating surfaces on the two ends of bellows

By knowing the size and type of mating surface on the two ends of the bellow, the correct locking system can be designed to hold the bellow in place.

Material Selection

The right kind of material should be selected by considering the media inside the bellow, the environment outside and number of travel cycles per day.

Rubber Bellows Features

  • Rubber Bellows absorb noise and thermal movements.
  • They remove vibration between equipment such as engines, water pumps, condensers, other mechanical systems and its sub assemblies.
  • They compensate for small installation misalignments occurring during mechanical system installations.
  • Rubber bellows are often used to seal dust, sand and other environmental elements from moving parts of machines.

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