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Rubber/PTFE diaphragms function as flexible barriers between two chambers, preventing the movement of fluids or contaminants from one chamber to another. They may be static or dynamic rubber seals. Western Rubbers is a leading manufacturer of PTFE and rubber diaphragms with a global distribution network.
Diaphragms are used in a range of industries across the globe in assemblies of pumps, valves and actuators to regulate the flow and transfer of fluids.

In-house Tooling & Compounding
  • All molds are custom fabricated in-house to meet customer specifications.
  • Quick turnaround time, hence reducing overall project lead time.
Extensive Product Capability
  • Diaphragm sizes range from ¼” to 55” diameter.
  • Specific elastomers can be used to withstand extremes of temperatures (-100C to +300C).
  • Fabric reinforcements can also be used to withstand pressures up to 1000 psi (68 bar).
OEM Replacement Diaphragms
  • OEM replacement diaphragms manufacturer.
  • Superior grade selection & in-house processing ensures diaphragms have the best flex life in the industry.
  • Reasonably priced compared to OEM and significant cost reduction on bulk purchasing.
Customer Satisfaction
  • Complete guidance throughout the process, from prototyping to dispatch.
  • Fast turnaround on quotations, prototypes, repeat orders, etc.
  • All parts are 100% quality tested.

Diaphragm Constructions

Homogeneous Rubber

Rubber diaphragms, also known as homogeneous diaphragms, are similar to fabric reinforced diaphragms, except without the layer of fabric reinforcement. They are preferred for low pressure applications.


PTFE belongs to the fluoroplastics family. It is highly chemically inert. And hence, offers excellent chemical resistant properties in some of the most corrosive environments. It can withstand temperatures up to 260 C.

Insert Molded

These diaphragms have plastic or metal inserts bonded into the diphragm. During the molding process, the insert is completely or partially inserted into the elastomeric layers, thus creating a strong bond between the two. This helps eliminate the costs incurred for assembling the diaphragm in pumps or valves.


Laminated diaphragms have a PTFE sheet bonded with rubber. The PTFE layer offers resistance against corrosive chemicals, thereby increasing the life of the diaphragm. These diaphragms are cheaper in cost compared to PTFE

Molded Die Cut

Molded die cut diaphragms can be made available in any shape or size. They are cut molded from rubber sheets. They can be made with or without a fabric reinforced layer.

Fabric Reinforced

Fabric reinforced diaphragms have a layer of fabric sandwiched between
two elastomer layers. The fabric enables the diaphragm to withstand higher pressures, while offering flexible movements during the process.

Diaphragm Classification

Valve Diaphragms
Pump Diaphragms
Rolling Diaphragms

Valve Diaphragms

Valve diaphragms by Western Rubbers are sturdy and flexible seals that allow for opening, closing and controlling of the valve. Diaphragms are carefully engineered for enhancing valve performance, promising superior flex life, saving significant labour costs and guaranteeing excellent sealing functionality.


Open Molded

Open molded diaphragms are used in normally open valves which allow the medium to flow through in usual circumstances. These devices will remain open until power is sent to the coil, signalling the plunger to close. And hence, diaphragms are molded to accommodate this design, thus offering effective sealing along with an extended operational life.

Closed Molded

Closed molded diaphragms are used in valves which are normally in a closed position. These valves are designed to block the flow of the medium in normal conditions and are commonly found in emergency safety systems. The valve will open when the system begins to
experience overpressure to ensure safety. Closed diaphragms are molded to accommodate the design of normally closed valves.

Material Scope

Rubber Diaphragm

Western Rubbers manufactures diaphragms in a range of elastomers like Silicone, EPDM, FKM, Nitrile, etc. Each elastomer comes with its unique properties.

PTFE + Rubber Padded

A two piece construction, comprising of a PTFE diaphragm along with a support rubber diaphragm, provides for increased pressure rating and durability.

PTFE Laminated

PTFE lamination ranging from .002” upto .040” bonded to a rubber diaphragm makes the diaphragms capable of functioning in the most chemically aggressive environments without compromising on the functionality and life.

Available Sizes

Western Rubbers has standard molds available for manufacturing valve diaphragms in the following sizes:

By valve size:
In Rubber: DN 8 to DN 350 In PTFE: DN 8 to DN 100

Since we have a complete in-house set up for tooling & manufacturing, we can also custom make valve diaphragms to precisely meet the requirements of your application.

Diaphragm Fitting

Western Rubbers not only offers a versatile range of diaphragms but also a versatile range of diaphragm fittings as required by the customer. The different diaphragm fittings offered by Western Rubbers include:

Threaded Pin

As the name suggests, threaded pins are screwed into the actuator.

Bayonet Fitting

Bayonet Fittings have a pin fastened in the actuator by a 1/4 turn for very easy trouble-free connection.

Rubber Button

Rubber Buttons are elastomeric knobs that enable integration in the actuator(manual or pneumatic)

Pump Diaphragms

Diaphragms can be custom molded in various designs depending on customer specifications. Having a diaphragm for every industry; handling reactive chemicals to aggressive fluids to extremes of temperatures, Western Rubbers ensures your requirement is fully met with the best possible diaphragm to optimize chemical compatibility, abrasion resistance, functional life, temperature limit, and cost.

Material Scope

Rubber Diaphragm

Western Rubbers manufactures diaphragms in a range of elastomers like EPDM, FKM, Nitrile, etc. Each elastomer comes with its unique properties. And hence, depending upon the application, Western Rubbers’ engineers offer guidance in selecting the appropriate elastomer.

PTFE Diaphragm

Western Rubbers’ PTFE diaphragms are the ideal choice for aggressive chemical
applications. Being a chemically inert material, PTFE can withstand aggressive applications such as aromatic or chlorinated hydrocarbons, acids, caustics, ketones, etc.

PTFE + Rubber Back up

PTFE diaphragms can be offered with an elastomeric support/back up diaphragm in materials like EPDM, Buna-N, Neoprene, or TPE.

Available Sizes

Western Rubbers has standard molds available for manufacturing pump diaphragms in the following sizes.

By pump size:
AODD 15, AODD 150, AODD 30, AODD 300, AODD 40, AODD 50, AODD 80

By inch size:
1/2”, 1”, 1 1/2”, 2”, 3”

Since we have a complete in-house set up for tooling & manufacturing, we can also custom make pump diaphragms to precisely meet the
requirements of your application.


Rolling Diaphragms

Rolling diaphragms manufactured by Western Rubbers, areflexible fluid control devices. They find critical application in systems involving sealing function between a cylinder and piston. Rolling diaphragms are usually manufactured using a combination of elastomer and fabric i.e. a layer of fabric reinforcement sandwiched between two elastomeric layers.


Rubber Diaphragms with
Fabric Reinforcement

Western Rubbers can manufacture rolling diaphragms in a range of elastomers like Silicone, EPDM, FKM, Nitrile, etc. Each elastomer comes with its unique properties*. Rolling diaphragms have a high strength fabric reinforcement layer sandwiched between two elastomeric layers, thus ensuring maximum strength and durability. This fabric layer not only offers high tensile strength to the diaphragm, but is also designed to permit smooth rolling action of the diaphragm.

Available Types

Flat Flange

Applications that have flat mating surfaces between the cylinder and the piston prefer the installation of these diaphragms.


Crimped Diaphragms need not be inverted at the time of installation since the convolution is molded in the “as-installed” configuration.

Beaded Flanged

Beaded Flange Diaphragms have a flange which looks similar to an O-ring. The diaphragm is sealed via axial compression of the D shaped bead.

Beaded Flanged
Crimped Diaphragms

They combine the properties of both Type 2 and Type 3 diaphragms. They are also molded in the “as-installed” configuration and hence do not require inversion at the time of assembly.

Internal Beaded
Flange Diaphragms

This configuration offers a minimum outside housing diameter. Since the flange bead is on the inside of the cylinder, this stroke capability of the diaphragm is usually restricted to half stroke.

Custom Solutions

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