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Western Rubbers is a manufacturer of all types of extruded rubber seals. Whether it’s a window seal or a container gasket, we manufacture it all. Our seals are made up of elastomers having specially developed in-house formulations, which make our seals not only appealing in aesthetics but also long lasting in extreme environments. We take pride in extruding intricate shapes and designs, which have otherwise been difficult to manufacture. We guide and work with our clients to meet their stringent parameters on compression set, elongation, hardness, density and other such physical as well as chemical properties which are required in their application.
Rubber Extrusions differ from molded rubber products on the method of production. In this process the rubber compound is forced through an extrusion die to give the required shape, followed by vulcanization in a hot air or steam oven.
We at Western Rubbers manufacture extruded rubber profiles in wide variety of shapes and sizes to meet the needs of the industry. We can extrude products up to 5 inches in size. Most commonly used rubber materials for rubber extrusions include Silicone and EPDM rubber.

Rubber Extrusions Profiles

U Seal

D Seal

P Seal

H Seal

E Seal

Solid Type

Our Material Capability

Be it silicone extrusions or EPDM extrusions, FKM extrusions or Nitrile extrusion our team can handle all materials with ease. We also extruded profiles in compounds like SBR, HNBR, ECO, Natural, Neoprene Rubber
We compound materials with our in house compound development team for manufacturing rubber extrusions that require extreme temperatures, corrosive chemicals or high mechanical properties. There are special materials in our compounding list which are uniquely developed to withstand or resist degradation due to weather effects like UV light, rain and oxidation
We have many extrusion die for regular shapes like U channel seals, P seals, D type seals and other custom profiles. Sponge or foam extrusion profiles are also an option we provide our customers for selection.
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Industries we serve

Industries we provide our manufactured extruded rubber seals included
Engineering, Architectural and constructions, glass facades, marine, appliances, autoclave ovens, DIY furniture, window seals , door seals, light fittings and other allied industries.
The Rubber Company offer our services to a variety of industries including: Marine, Construction, Engineering, Automotive, Shop Fitting, Office Partitioning, Packaging, Lighting, Medical Products, , D.I.Y, Furniture, Domestic Appliances and other manufacturers.
* Profiles can be made in sponge or foam rubber
* Profiles can be provided with adhesive backing.

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