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Western Rubber is a leading manufacturer of extruded rubber profiles and tubing. We serve the OEM and replacement parts markets, specializing in the food processing, electronics, aerospace, healthcare, construction, transportation, and defence industries. Our experienced staff is knowledgeable about the industries we serve and their application requirements.

If our standard products do not meet your requirements, we’ll recommend the profile or tubing design best suited for your part and application.We work intimately with every customer to safeguard that your rubber profile or tubing accommodate your requirements, part specifications, and quality standards, and is delivered to you on time and installation-ready. At Western Rubber, we have earned a reputation for manufacturing high-quality rubber extrusions. Our consideration to detail and engagement to perfection for every project of our customer, coupled with our experience and knowledge of the industries we serve and ensures that your rubber profile and tubing will meet or outpace your expectations.

Extruded rubber products will conflict with the moulded rubber products located on the development where extruded parts are compelled through a die of the indispensable cross-category under pressure of an extruder.

Generally, extruded products are unvulcanized introductory to being a force out, escaping the rubber in a flexible and pliable state post banishment. If this is certainly the case, the finished extruded products will ordinarily need to be vulcanized before they are accomplished usable.The extrusion operation begins with the unvulcanized rubber compound being fed into the extruder. Later, the gorge of the whirling tighten will commence importing the rubber outstanding inside the die, accompanying an escalation current tension and temperature establish as the material come into possession of convenient to the die itself. Once it influences the die, the erected pressure strength the material through the cavity, where it will consequently swell in diversified degrees located on the material compound and stability.

On narrative of this tendency towards inflammation, many extruded parts surpluses plus or diminished intransigence on their cross-sections. Contemporaneously with an enterprise the vulcanization, the extruded rubber will graceful or dry out in pair composed its cross segment and its length toll on the type of rubber unification used. Afterwards, vulcanization, a length of rubber eviction will contribute to being diminished in magnitude further in the midpoint of the length than in the edge.

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