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Food / Pharma Industries

FDA approved silicone tubings and hoses for fluid transfer


SEALING SOLUTIONS FOR Food/Pharma industries

Process industries is a broad term used for a number of industries that come within its range, including food and dairy, cosmetics, chemical processing, viscous fluid processing like paints, gels, etc. Cleanliness, hygiene, and durability are the primary expectations from all these sectors. Hence, sealing becomes doubly crucial. Seals must not only be strictly regulated and compliant with all necessary hygiene standards, but must also be able to withstand a variety of aggressive media, chemicals, and extreme temperatures. With decades of experience on its side, Western Rubbers has successfully developed sealing solutions customized to the requirements of the food, beverage, dairy, cosmetics, and chemical industries.

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Silicone Tubes

Silicone tubes

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Dairy Filling Lines

Dairy filling lines

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