Inflatable Seal Crisis Averted with Western Rubbers

Pressure spikes can be a real production nightmare. One minute everything’s running smoothly, the next – BAM! – a blown seal and a screeching halt to your entire operation. 

Problem with twists

Last year, one of our manufacturing clients encountered an unexpected challenge. Their fabric-reinforced inflatable seals, designed to handle pressures up to 10 bars, were failing due to unforeseen pressure spikes. Production delays and rising costs threatened to derail their entire operation.

The untangling

In desperation, they reached out to Western Rubbers. Recognizing the urgency, we quickly assembled our team to analyze their pressure requirements. Our in-depth pressure analysis revealed that the actual pressure range often exceeded the seals' ratings, necessitating a customized approach.

The Turning Point: Custom Solutions

We created non-fabric reinforced seals for moderate pressures (2-6 bars) using high-strength elastomer material for exceptional pressure retention. For demanding applications (4-25 bars), we developed heavy-duty fabric-reinforced seals with higher weave count fabric and specialized internal construction to handle intense pressure reliably.

The end result

Western Rubbers' custom seal solutions have proven to be transformative, reducing downtime and increasing production efficiency. The non-fabric seals performed well for pressures between 2-6 bars, while the heavy-duty fabric-reinforced seals stood strong against pressures up to 25 bars. This ensures smooth operations under demanding conditions, reducing costs and keeping production lines moving

To avoid these manufacturing defects, it is important to work with an experienced rubber extrusion manufacturer who can identify and address these issues. By choosing a reliable manufacturer and keeping an eye out for these common defects, you can ensure that your extruded rubber profiles meet the highest quality standards and perform as intended.

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