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Innovative sealing solutions for the nuclear industry

Inflatable Seals for Nuclear Containment Facility

Western Rubbers manufactures custom engineered inflatable seals, playing a very crucial role in offering 100% leak proof sealing for nuclear containment facilities, dealing with highly hazardous and chemically reactive material. In industries like nuclear, chemical processing, pharmaceutical, and other such industries where the environment needs to be completely isolated inflatable door seals are used. These inflatable seals are inflated upon door closure to seal the gap between door and its surrounding frame, thereby preventing any kind of contaminants from entering the room. Needless to say, any kind of leakage from nuclear facilities can have fatal circumstances. And hence, after studying all parameters of seal usage and dimensions of the door where the seal needs to be installed, Western Rubbers fabricates carefully engineered inflatable seals promising 100% functionality.

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