Sealing components have an extremely crucial role to play in the pharmaceutical industry. Apart from drug manufacturing operations, pharmaceutical research and development activities often employ aggressive chemical environments that demand 100% contamination proof sealing. Working within this environment requires attention not only to the stringent regulations and quality control of the sealing materials, production processing and packaging, but also to the complexity of the operations within which the seal is required to perform.

Why choose Western Rubbers?

Western Rubbers’ uses high quality ingredients that comply with existing and proposed regulations around elastomeric products in manufacturing its seals. As a supplier of highly engineered critical seals we offer a high level of engineering support to ensure that the right material option is selected for the application whether it is hygienic pipework, blenders and mixers, fluid bed dryers, valves or pumps. Western Rubbers continues to invest in the development of new compounds and sealing technologies that ensure our materials, seals, gaskets, and diaphragms meet the requisite quality standards along with offering excellent chemical resistance, long product life and performance that guarantees the integrity of your product.
Western Rubbers’ supplies the following products for the pharmaceutical industry:

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