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Inflatable Robotic Clamp

Western Rubbers’ has the expertise to design custom engineered inflatable seals, which can be easily installed in the hands of a robot. Robotic arms have their own clamps, which is fitted inside of the inflatable seal. While lifting any object, the seal inflates, allowing for clamping of the object. Once a firm grip is achieved, the object can be transferred to the desired location. Robots work elegantly to lift weight much more than their own by grabbing or clamping the object. Offering the best control of force, inflatable robotic clamps impart uniformed controlled pressure to firmly bond or laminate pieces together. Inflatable clamps help hold pieces in place during machining or cutting operation. In fact, Western Rubbers’ inflatable seals are the ideal choice for handling parts that are not uniformly flat or round.With the help of inflatable robotic clamps, one can easily move a brittle and fragile object from one place to another.

Inflatable Seal for Pharma sector

Inflatable Seal for Aerospace Sector

Inflatable Seal for Butterfly valves

Inflatable Seal for Railway Doors

Inflatable Seal for Nuclear Facility

Inflatable Seal for Paper Industry

Inflatable Seal for Industrial Ovens

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