Moulded Inflatable Rubber Seal, the seals which we manufacture are not just extruded rubber of the desired shape and joint like other but they need a custom moulded and properly treated fabric reinforced, and fully compression moulding to fit your application. This ensures structural uniformity and strength for optimum performance. we also manufacture small seals for leak test which is widely used in valve industry for checking the accuracy in valves.
Based on your requirements, the best alternative elastomers will be selected. We Can mould with or without fabric in full rubber grades.
We at Western Rubbers have been manufacturing collection of custom engineered moulded inflatable seal & their piece for more than 20 years. We propose quality rubber seals are desired in different industrial applications. Therefore arising as specialized inflatable seal manufacturers, suppliers in India.
A bare separation in a seal would originate usually be created by extrusion means, and then every end of the expulsion could be linked to form the seal. In this case, the customer wanted a carved resolution that would allow for the seal to be moulded onto the metal carrier ring. The silicone seal division is designed with an indoor and outside wall. These two walls form a loop characteristic where they fitting at the top. We established the metal ring into the particularly designed mould tool guarantee the slightest activity and moulded the inside face of the outer seal wall to the outside face of the steel ring.

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