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PTFE O-Rings

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PTFE O-Rings

Encapsulated PTFE O-Rings

PTFE encapsulated O-rings, also known as FEP encapsulated and PFA encapsulated o-rings, are Vitoria or Silicone O-rings encapsulated within a PTFE jacket These o-rings hence offer an ideal combination of the unique properties of vitons/siiicone as well as PTFE. They outperform the conventional o-rings in harsh environments owing to their excellent chemical resistance, temperature resistance and mechanical properties. Depending on the core material i.e. Viton° or Silicone, they are suited for operating in temperatures ranging from -62° to 204°C (-80° to +400° F)

PTFE O-Rings Overview

  • Higher chemical compatibility due to Fluoro-plastic layer
  • Extreme temperature resistant from -75 degree celsius to 250 degree celsius
  • Inner elastomer cores for better shape recovery compared to a full PTFE 0-ring

Applications of PTFE O-Rings

  • Container lids
  • Agitated Natch Filter Dryer (ANFD)
  • Filter capsules
  • Alkali chemical plants
  • Food and drugs plants manufacturing
  • Acid manufacturing plants
PTFE O Ring Application

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