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Oil And Gas

Crude oil and gas form the world’s largest trading commodity. They are the main source of energy to majority modern day machines and plants. This industry come with some of the most extreme working environments. And hence, the rubber components designed for the oil and gas industry should be able to withstand these conditions without compromising functionality and efficiency.

Why Choose Western Rubbers

Western Rubbers is associated with manufacturing rubber products required in all phases of the process; from extraction to refining to distribution. We understand the critical nature of the processes in this industry and hence ensure every product is custom engineered to the exact specification to meet the industrial demands. From diaphragms used in cryogenic vales, to seals and gaskets in rapid gas decompression processes (RGD), we can make them all. We mix our compounds in house to derive the ideal properties of Nitrile,Viton®,HNBR,EPDM, Neoprene,FFKM and Silicone.Our sales engineers are available for offering solutions as well as constant guidance through every step, including material selection, design approval, failure analysis, improvement in product life, etc. Some of our products commonly used in the oil and gas industry include:

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