Inflatable Seals for Fluidized Bed Dryers

Fluidized Bed Dryers are required for the uniform drying of granules and powders, which are to be used in tablet formation. The use of inflatable seals in Fluidized Bed Dryers is extremely critical. This is to ensure that no contaminant enters the system or no Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient(API)leaks from the system, both of which can pose a serious health threat to the end consumers or machine operators. The newer designs of inflatable seals can withstand positive or negative differential pressure. Western Rubbers has developed inflatable seals for 12 bar Fluidized Bed Dryers, that are explosion proof.

Inflatable Seals for Cleanrooms (Air Tight Doors)

Cleanrooms create a highly regulated environment required for the manufacturing of critical products, particularly in the pharmaceutical sector, since the credibility of the manufacturer directly depends on the safety of the finished product. Clean rooms are constructed in such a manner so as to control the concentration of airborne particles. In order to minimize the introduction and retention of contaminants, various parameters such as temperature, pressure and humidity are controlled as necessary in cleanrooms. Western Rubbers’ manufactures custom engineered inflatable seals, playing a very crucial role in offering 100% leak proof sealing for the doors of cleanrooms, commonly known as Air Tight Doors.In industries like pharmaceutical, nuclear, chemical processing and other such industries where the environment needs to be isolated inflatable door seals are used. These inflatable seals are inflated upon door closure to seal the gap between door and its surrounding frame, thereby preventing any kind of contaminants from entering the room. .

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