Inflatable Door Seal

Inflatable Door Seal


The inflatable door seal is used in advanced applications where perfect sealing of door is required.  In industries like pharmaceutical, chemical processing,  nuclear power and other such industries sealing is critical. To prevent contaminants from entering a particular room, engineered rubber products like inflatable seals find its applications.For high-pressure sealing, reinforced inflatable rubber seals are used. These inflatable seals are inflated upon door closure to seal the gap between the door and its surrounding frame. The property of rubber is such that is expands to completely cut off and isolate the entire room. Hence these molded rubber seals are best suited for such advanced applications.

fabric reinforced inflatable seals working diaphragm

Elastomers used in manufacturing  inflatable door seal

  • Silicone rubber for FDA compliance
  • FKM rubber for high temperature application
  • Natural rubber for good elongation and acid resistance
  • EPDM rubber for excellent water and UV resistance
  • Buna N/Nitrile rubber has good oil resistance
  • Chloroprene rubber suitable for marine applications


Types of  seal

  • Expanding radially inward
  • Expanding radially outward
  • Face seal ( expanding upward or downward )


  • Door lock seal for nuclear plants
  • Inflatable door seals for Train coaches.
  • Airlock inflatable door seal for sterilization chambers.
  • sliding door seal in Virology laboratories
  • Air locking doors for Aerospace manufacturing/assembly units and equipment.
  • inflatable door seal for huge fabricated doors

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