Moulded Hollow Rubber Seal

Moulded Hollow Rubber Seal


When the gap to be sealed between two rectangular surfaces having sharp corners or to seal two surfaces with irregular profile, in these cases customized moulded seals are used instead of the conventional extruded compression seals.  The advantage of custom moulded seals is that the dimensional accuracy is well maintained especially around sharp corners or joints . Moulded seal’s shape does not deform at any spot in the seal.  If its required to have a razor sharp fitting in an assembly, that is where moulded door seals are used.

Elastomers used for manufacturing Moulded door seals:-

  • 1) Silicone rubber has chemical resistance , FDA  compliance and excellent elongation properties
  • 2) FKM has excellent chemical resistance and high temperature resistance
  • 3) Natural Rubber is seldom used because of its poor aging properties except in cases where abrasion resistance is required.
  • 4) Buna N / Ntrile has good physical properties and excellent resistance to petroleum based fluids
  • 5) EPDM has very good weather resistance as well as steam resistance
  • 6) Chloroprene has good weather resistance and flame retarding properties


We can manufacture Moulded door seals in from 5 Shore A hardness to 90 Shore A hardness




  • Class 1000 , 10000 units in Pharmaceutical clean room in  Sliding doors
  • To enclose equipment for sealing in large Vessels.
  • High temperature seals and steam resistant seal for autoclave gaskets
  • Large Furnaces to enclose the furnace chamber
  • Used as Gaskets in Fabrication and engineering industries
  • Train coaches and compartment sealing.
  • Window seals for noise reduction
  • Used in Jam rooms and musical concert halls for sealing to improving acoustics




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