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Peristaltic Pump Tubing

Peristaltic pump tubing is used in specialized applications of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and laboratory. Some of the types of tubing are Silicone tubing, Viton® tubing, Thermoplastic elastomer tubing( TPE/ TPV tubing).  In these applications, the fluid will only be in contact with tubing thereby avoiding any contamination.  This peristaltic pump tubing is highly durable, resistant to fatigue, ozone, ultraviolet, acids, alkalies, water, and most oils and lubricants. Therefore becoming one of the best suited tubings for critical applications of biopharma industry.

Transparent silicone tubing offers the transparency and having one of the least extractables. Viton® tubing offers excellent chemical resistance to the majority of the chemicals due to fluorine atoms in the chemical chain. This allows it to be used with most of the corrosive liquids where other tubings would fail. Westoprene® tubing is used for special applications where long life and resistance to certain types of chemicals is required.


peristaltic pump tubing
Transparent silicone tubing attached to a peristaltic pump




Types of Peristaltic Pump Tubing

      Tubing Type             Features           Application
Westoprene® N60 tubing High flexibility Natural colour thermoplastic elastomer  tubing.
Hardness is 60 Shore A.
FDA complaint
Most widely used tubing especially for solvents like Methylene Dicholoride ( MDC), Benzoyl alcohol.
Westoprene® N70 tubing high hardness natural color thermoplastic elastomer tubing.
Hardness is 70 shore A.This helps in higher rigidity and longer life for high pressure peristaltic pumps. Food Grade with FDA complaince
similar to Westoprene N60® except they are used for peristaltic pumps having high pumping pressure for longer flex life.
Westoprene®  T tubing High transparency thermoplastic elastomer tubing offering excellent flex life with the advantage of
FDA compliant adhering to USP class Vl standards
used in virology labs to monitor fluid flow in peristaltic pump tubing.
Westoprene® CB tubing electrically conductuctive tubing
manufactured in deep black
excellent abrasion resistance
used in transfer of sensitive fluid which generate static.
Used to transfer coarser particles due to high abrasion resistance giving longer operation life.
Westosil® USP tubing ultra transparent silicone tubing.meeting US FDA and USP class Vl standards.
Steam resistant,Autoclavable and gamma neutral
temperature resistance upto 230 degrees celsius
Due low spallation used in fluid transfer for no contamination.
Smoother inner bore helps in avoiding particle entrapment. Used for transfer of Pharmaceutical active ingredients, chemicals, disinfectant and other solvents.
Westosil® Bio tubing  Best grade in transparent silicone
tubing. US FDA USP class Vl  and European Pharmacopoeia compliant
No leechables and extractables present
Autoclavable and high stability to gamma radiation. Low protein binding,Bio compatible ,non cytotoxic,Non haemolytic,Non pyrogenic
Used for Sterile fill, Trasnfer of cell media, Transfer of Ph sensitive fluid for cell culture, Serums and virology lab
Westofluor® tubing Viton tubing for high chemical resistance
Chemically resistant to concentrated acids, bases, alkalis, alcohols, oils, saturated and unsaturated fats, metal complexes.
High Temperature resistance  -10 to 220 degress celsius
Used in Transfer of harsh chemicals in which most of the elastomeric tubing fails. Can also be used in high temperature applications.

Note: above are standard sizes available with us Ex-stock. We can also manufacture custom sizes on request.


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