Robotic clamp inflatable seals

Robotic Clamp Inflatable Seals


In our todays world robotic arms or robots have become a very common thing to see from Mega factories to houses.  In Mega factories machines like robotic arms have been working with accuracy and speed for many tasks that humans couldn’t do it with speed or with high precision tirelessly. Western Rubbers India Pvt. Ltd. has developed robotic clamp inflatable seal for robotic automation industry.

One of the job of robotic arms in these factories is to lift an article from a place and to keep to another. There are various mechanisms to do this. But to move fragile and delicate items from one spot to another, a robotic arm gripper with inflatable seal mechanism is used.

Robotics arms have clamps fitted inside with an inflatable seal. When it wants to lift an article, The clamp moves over or around the article, the inflatable seal is pressured with air or hydraulic oil so as to inflate it. Due to inflated position it holds the article tightly. Once the robotic arm has a firm grip on the article it lifts and places it on the desired location. Once the robotic arm places the article on the desired location. After which it returns to its original position. This continues in an automated loop, thereby speeding up the manufacturing process.


inflatable seal gripper
inflatable seal gripper for holding glass

Advantages of purchasing  robotic clamp inflatable seals from us

  • We custom design the inflatable seal as per our client’s requirements.
  • Our in-house team can provide free consultancy for design and development of the clamp seal or gripper on request
  • We have an expert team to guide in polymer selection and increasing life cycle of the seal
  • with over 20 years in the sealing industry, we can manufacture the most challenging and complicated products
  • Quality team tests every seal thoroughly
  • We support clients for product prototyping



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  • inflatable seal clamps in packaging
  • robotic clamp inflatable seals in mega factories for gripping and transporting delicate products





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