Silicone Braided Hose

Silicon Tubing & Braided Hose

Silicone braided hose is thick tubing in which a polyester or  Nylon multifilament yarn braiding is sandwiched between two silicone layers to give reinforcements. These hoses can withstand high pressure due to reinforcements.  Due to the rigidity of the structure, certain silicone steel coiled hoses are extremely efficient in preventing wall collapse during vacuum pressure. Western Rubbers India Pvt Ltd. has the expertise and in-house facility to manufacture these hoses

These food grade silicone hoses are extensively used in Pharmaceutical, healthcare, cosmetics, and life science fields because of their transparency, chemical inertness, and rigidity.

Chemically extremely stable and suitable for use with many acids, alkalis and other pharmaceutical cleaning agents. Hence one of the best material for transfer of fluid under high pressure.


Benefits of using our silicon braided hose:-

  • 100% food grade ( FDA Compliant USP-21CFR177.2600 and USP Class Vl complaint)
  • USP-28 Toxicology tested
  • UV, ozone and Corona resistant
  • Burst pressure test certified hoses.
  • Autoclavable.
  • Standard sizes available ex-stock


Types of silicone braided hose:-

  • Silicone hose with single nylon braided
  • Silicone double braided nylon hose
  • fabric wrapped silicone braided hose
  • Steel coiled silicone hose

(Note: Stainless steel Clamp fitted in custom lengths on request)


Applications for silicone braided hose:-

  • Transfer and monitoring of high pressurized fluids in pharmaceutical industry
  • Used in Dairy industry because of chemical stability
  • Health care and cosmetics industry use silicone braided hoses to transfer raw materials
  • Used for transfer of bacterial growth feeds and Ph balancing fluids in life sciences and virology labs.

For fitting clamps on custom length or for any other details email us or send us an inquiry.  Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.



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