Transparent Silicone Tubing

Transparent Silicone Tubing

Transparent Silicone tubing is used in various industries like pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetics, food processing, chemical plants and other allied industries. Even though the cost of silicone elastomer is higher than other polymers, but its preferred choice by engineers, designers and users especially in high-end applications. The unique property of chemical resistance or chemical inertness is due to Siloxane molecule. With this property silicone has another exclusive property that it is can be manufactured to give crystal clear transparency makes it ideal for usage in fluid handling.


Transparent Silicone Tubing are cured using following two types of cure systems


Peroxide based cure system


  • Peroxide based cure systems were traditional types of cure systems.
  • Peroxide based silicone curing is cheaper
  •  Imparts better physical properties than platinum based silicone


  • Product post curing is necesary to remove unreacted peroxide traces from the surface.
  • Extractables may have peroxide traces.


 Platinum Based Cure system

This is an advanced curing system. Platinum  complex is the cure initiator and accelerator


  • Silicone tubing can be manufacturerd with high transparency
  •  These kind of tubing have no contamination due to substrate.
  •  Silicone tubing has flame reatardant properties, which makes is excellent for anesthetic applications
  •  FDA compliant and recommended for food and medical usage.



  •  Comparatively costlier than peroxide based silicone tubing
  •  Physical properties are not as good as peroxide based tubing




Main properties of our Transparent Silicone Tubing


  • Temperature resistance from -30°C to 220°C
  • Chemical resistance to a range of fluids and solvent
  • UV resistance
  • Corona discharge resistance
  • FDA compliant and Food grade tubing


Note: Leeching and adsorption may happen in certain solvent, kindly contact us before using in critical processes if you are unsure about the chemical resistance properties.



Application of Transparent Silicone Tubing


  • Pharmaceutical industry for fluid transfer
  • Virology, laboratory, fungal growth incubators for transfer of pH neutral, pH acidic or pH basic solvents
  • Anesthetic tubing for transfer of nitrogen-oxygen or helium-oxygen gases
  • Food processing industry for transfer of Pulp and low viscosity juices
  • Dairy industry for fluid transfer
  • Used in surgical product manufacturing equipements
  • Trasnfer of chemically reactive fluid in chemical plants



Standard Sizes of Transparent Silicone Tubing


                                    TRANSPARENT TUBING SATANDARD SIZE
0.5 1.0
0.8 2.4
1.0 3.0
1.5 3.2
2.0 3.0
2.0 4.0
2.4 4.8
3.0 5.0
3.0 6.0
3.0 7.0
4.0 6.0
4.0 8.0
4.0 9.0
5.0 8.0
5.0 9.0
5.0 11.0
5.8 10.0
6.0 9.0
6.0 11.00
6.0 12.00
6.0 15.00
8.0 11.00
8.0 12.00
8.0 14.00
8.0 15.00
9.0 15.00
9.0 20.00
10.0 14.00
12.0 18.00
13.5 19.50
16.0 22.00
19.0 25.50
19.5 29.00
24.0 30.00
30.0 42.00
48.0 54.00


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