Retaining mechanism

Retaining mechanism as the name suggests has a very crucial role to play in the proper functioning of an inflatable seal. The entire purpose of an inflatable seal is defeated if it is not held in position perfectly. Different seal profiles require different kinds of retention mechanism. Western Rubbers can guide you in deciding and selecting the ideal retention mechanism to suit your application.

Retainer Types for Inflatable Seals

Snap-In Type

Snap-in retention mechanism is ideal for Type 3 (Snap-in) Inflatable seal profiles. This mechanism retains the foot like structure of the seal. The foot of the seal is fixed to the bottom while allowing the top to inflate. We can provide this retention mechanism along with the Inflatable seal at additional charges.

Foot Lock Type

The Foot Lock retention mechanism is recommended for Type 2 (Fasten in) Inflatable seal profiles. Similar to Snap-in type retention, here the bottom is fixed allowing the Inflatable seal bulb to expand. However, the Foot Lock retention comes with an added advantage; it can be retro fitted by drilling screws and bolts in the application groove.

Snap Slot Type

This retention mechanism has a rubber body as against a metal body. It is ideal for Type 3 (Snap-in) Inflatable seal profiles. As against Snap-in retention mechanism, the Snap Slot mechanism has rectangular dimensions in width and height, thus allowing for easy installation. It can easily be installed in any ‘U’ channel groove and no separate machining is required.

End Retention Mechanism

Single Screw Pressure Plates

Pressure plates are used to hold the inflatable seal in the correct position during inflation. Single screw pressure plates are used for seals that have a relatively small cross section i.e. a small width. These pressure plates find their application for seals that are fit inside grooves.

Double Screw Pressure Plates

Double screw pressure plates are used for retaining Inflatable seals that have wider cross sections i.e. larger widths. Again, double screw pressure plates are used for seals that are fit inside grooves.

Fixed Pressure Plates

Fixed pressure plates find their place in applications where in Inflatable seals are not fit within grooves. And hence it becomes extremely crucial to have a tight and strong mechanism to hold the Inflatable seal in place during inflation and deflation cycles.

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