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    Rubber Bellows

    The primary purpose of rubber bellows is to absorb noise and thermal movements. Hence it is suitable for damping vibrations in engineering equipment’s such as diesel engine, condensers, water cooling pumps, etc. Rubber bellows manufactured at Western Rubbers are made from various elastomers and offer effective flexibility in pipe work that is the need of the hour in today's technically advanced plant and machinery spaces. They offer compensation of thermal or mechanical movements of pipe work in axial, lateral and/or angular directions.

    Further, due to their high flexibility rubber bellows can be used to compensate the misalignment occurred during an installation. After years of tireless R&D efforts, Western Rubbers has mastered the art of compounding and formulation. But there is always room for improvement, and so we continue to experiment and learn each day to become a little better than we were yesterday. Our rubber bellows come with high standards of quality as well as functionality to guarantee maximum safety and performance


    Western Rubbers manufactures rubber bellows that are used in wide range of industries like:
    • Shipbuilding
    • Offshore Dredging
    • Power Plants
    • Chemical Industry
    • Waterworks

    Rubber Sheets

    Rubber sheets are sheets made up of rubber with or without fabric reinforcement, depending upon its application. Western Rubbers manufactures rubber sheets using a variety of material like Neoprene, Nitrile, Viton®, Natural Rubber, Silicone, EPDM etc. Every material comes with its set of unique characteristics


    • Natural rubber sheets have excellent rebound, dynamic, elasticity and mechanical properties
    • EPDM rubber provides better resistance to acids, alkali and ketones and therefore supports a wide range of outdoor/high zone environmental applications.
    • Silicone rubber sheets are highly used in pharmaceutical applications due to their excellent food grade properties and high temperature resistance.
    • Nitrile rubber sheets is an extremely popular sealant in transformer as well as oil & gas industries.
    • Viton® rubber sheets offer better properties compared to nitrile rubber in high temperature and chemical resistant properties, but come with a high price.
    • Neoprene rubber sheets have wide applications in marine industry and offer good resistance to petroleum products, oil and flame, acids and alkalis.
    • Fabric reinforced rubber sheets are used to withstand high pressure and high temperature conditions.


    Other applications of rubber sheets include:
    • Flooring & Roofing
    • Aerospace
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Automobile
    • Marine
    • Defence

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