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Rubber Diaphragms for Cryogenic Actuators

Client Problem :

Development of rubber diaphragm that can withstand cryogenic conditions and withstand 1,000,000 cycles without significant deformation.


  • Formulation was developed in NBR rubber using constituent that do not crystallize at low temperature.
  • To prevent hardening at low temperature, waxes and plasticizers were avoided.
  • Fine mesh carbon was used for easy dispersion and better mold flow.
  • 2-3 suitable formulations were developed and gehman’s torsion test was conducted on all.
  • The best formulation was selected for trials


  • These uniquely designed rubber compound used to manufacture rubber diaphragm could easily withstand 1,000,000 cycles in trial runs.
  • The cryogenic conditions did not significantly wear and tear the diaphragm
  • Helped customer improve the service life of the product.