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Rubber Diaphragms

Offering exteme resistance in pneumatic actuators



Western Rubbers is a renowned producer of diaphragms made from reinforced rubber, including fabric reinforced rubber diaphragms and EPDM rubber diaphragms. With a widespread distribution network, these diaphragms find extensive application in various industries worldwide. They are commonly utilized in assemblies of pumps, valves, and actuators, playing a vital role in regulating the flow and transfer of fluids. Serving as flexible barriers, the rubber/PTFE diaphragms effectively prevent the passage of fluids or contaminants between two chambers. These diaphragms can serve as either static or dynamic rubber seals in diverse settings, including pneumatic actuator diaphragms.


Our Benefits

In-house tooling facility available for mold making

Manufacturing of OEM replacement diaphragms
Diaphragm sizes range from 1/4” to 55” diameter

Diaphragms to withstand
extreme temperatures
(-100 °C to +300 °C)

Diaphragms to withstand pressure
upto 1000 psi (68 bar)

Standard Dimensions

Types of diaphragms

Valve (WIER Type) Diaphragms

Western Rubbers, a renowned manufacturer, proudly produces top-notch rubber & PTFE diaphragms. With an extensive global distribution network, we cater to various industries worldwide. Our diaphragms, including reinforced rubber diaphragms, fabric reinforced rubber diaphragms, and EPDM rubber diaphragms, play a crucial role in assemblies of valves, and actuators, ensuring efficient fluid flow regulation and transfer. These flexible barriers effectively prevent the movement of fluids or contaminants between chambers, serving as reliable static or dynamic rubber seals.


Along with diaphragms for valves, Western Rubbers possesses the capability to manufacture pump diaphragms too. It is safe to say that a suitable diaphragm is among the most critical components of an AODD pump. The pump will simply fail in its purpose if there is any kind of leakage. Hence, selection of a correct diaphragm is extremely crucial for the safe, efficient, economic, and hassle-free operation of an AODD pump.


Western Rubbers specializes in the production of pneumatic actuator diaphragms and rolling diaphragms. These flexible fluid control devices are essential components used to ensure effective sealing between cylinders and pistons. Rolling diaphragms, a type of neumatic actuator diaphragm, are expertly manufactured using a combination of elastomer & fabric. The construction involves sandwiching a layer of fabric reinforcement between two lastomeric layers, resulting in durable and reliable diaphragms for pneumatic actuator systems.

Our Use Cases


Diaphragms find their use in all industries involving corrosive, viscous,
and abrasive slurries. Some of these industries include:

Oil & Petroleum

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