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Manhole Gaskets

Manhole Gaskets

A manhole is an opening or entry gateway to shafts or utility vaults. Manholes are mostly used for accessing underground public utility systems for inspections, maintenance or upgradation. Majority of the underground services such as sewers, electrical lines, heating lines, gas lines, water drainage systems, etc. have manholes.
Manhole gaskets are used for sealing manholes. Hence, these gaskets have very extensive applications in underground processes.


  • Public Services
  • Steam Boilers
  • Chemical Plants
  • Power Plants
  • Offshore Industry
  • Water Management
  • Hot Air Systems
Manhole Gaskets Application

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Other Gaskets

Flange Rubber Gaskets

Used to seal microscopic irregularities on mating surfaces.


Used for sealing two mating parts and eliminating vibration and sound.

TC Gaskets

Used for connecting two pipes, mainly in pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and chemical industries.

Butterfly Valve Gaskets

Used in butterfly valves to regulate the oil flow between the radiator and the main tank.

Autoclave Gaskets

Used in pressurized chambers requiring elevated pressures and temperatures.

Die-Cut Gaskets

Used for custom applications.