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Platinum Cured Silicone SS Coiled Hoses

Westocoil™ is a range of platinum cured silicone ss coiled hoses. They are ideal for transfer of fluids in high pressure and high vacuum applications. Westocoil™ offers high flexibility and tight bending radius, hence assisting in repetitive movements in dosing and filling machines. Westocoil™ is used majorly in liquid suction transfer, food and beverage processing, pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

Product Overview

  • High transparency to allow visibility of the conveyed product.
  • High burst pressure resistance.
  • Can be made available with SS 316L Tri-Clover (TC) clamps (RA Value < 0.5).

Available Sizes

  Part-No  Internal Diameter
Internal Diameter
Outer Diameter
Outer Diameter
Working Pressure*
(bar at 27°C)
Working Pressure*
(psi at 80°F)
Bursting Pressure*
(bar at 27°C)
Bursting Pressure*
(psi at 80°F)
Vacuum Pressure
(bar at 27°C)
Vacuum Pressure
(psi at 80°F)
Bending Radius
Std Coil

*Pressure data is considered at normal room temperature of 27C/ 80 F. Please reduce pressure values by 20% for each increase of 100C/212 F

*The list above mentions the standard sizes of Westocoil™ Hoses available with us in-house. However we can undertake customizations.

*The minimum order quantity for customization orders will range anywhere between 50-200 metres, depending upon the cross sectional dimension of the hose.

Data Sheet

Westocoil™platinum cured silicone ss coiled hoses
Compession Set (%)0.2
Elongation (break %)8
Gas PermeabilityLow
Hardness (Shore A)60 Sh A (+/- 5)*
MaterialPlatinum Cured Silicone
ReinforcemntSS 316 coiling
Specific Gravity1.13 - 1.17
Sterilization MethodsGamma, autoclave, EtO (on request)
Tear B, ppi240
Temperature Range-60 C to 230 C
Tensile Strength (psi)1595
UV ResistanceExcellent
Water AbsorptionLow

*Note – Standard hardness for Westobraid is 60 Sh A. However, tubes can be customized in 50 Sh A and 70 Sh A hardness as well as per client requirement

Bulk Orders

If you buy large volumes (between 50 – 200 meters) of Westocoil™ Hoses, Western Rubbers will pass on some production, cost and dispatch benefits to you like:

  • Customizing hose sizes to suit your specific application
  • Offering highly competitive pricing
  • Customizing coil lengths to fit your process; this in turn would eliminate on-site cutting and ensure the hose is ready for use
  • Packaging hoses to suit your needs – single bag, double bag or individually packed coil lengths
  • Custom printing with indelible ink for lot traceability
  • Colored outer layer as per process line code

Note – * The minimum order quantity for customization orders will range anywhere between 50-200 metres, depending upon the cross sectional dimension of the hose.


European Pharmacopoeia
Extractables & leachables on request
BSE/TSE Free Certification
Phthalate & plasticizer free certificate
USP Class VI

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