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Technical Literature

Fabric Comparison

Fabric reinforced inflatable seals are used when sealing is required in extreme pressure/temperature applications. The fabric reinforcement adds to the seal’s overall strength. fabrics are cautiously molded within the seal using processes by highly skilled labor.

Every fabric differs in its properties. hence the functioning of the seal is carefully studied by our production engineers for selection of the appropriate fabric. Some fabrics used will have limitations with regards to the thickness of the fabric that can be used within the part, the temperature it can withstand during operation and more. Western Rubbers uses the following fabrics for crafting reinforced inflatable seals.


Nylon is one of the most commonly used fabrics in our inflatable seals. It is a tough and abrasion resistant fabric. Further, being strong as well as flexible, it enhances the dynamic properties of seals. Nylon can resist temperatures upto 250°C.


Dacron exhibits very good tensile properties and therefore is the preferred option in an application where high flexibility is required. Being chemically inert, it offers good resistance to degradation by chemical bleaches and to abrasion. Dacron is especially effective in applications where the temperature is higher than 250° F(120° C).


Nomex is a step above Dacron in its temperature and chemical resistant properties. Nomex products are strong resilient and (in the thinner grades) flexible, with good resistance to tearing and abrasion. It is sold in both fiber and sheet forms and is used as a fabric wherever resistance from heat and flame is required. Nomex can resist temperature upto 450°C.


Kevlar is heat resistant and strong synthetic fiber. It is lightweight durable and extraordinarily strong. Kevlar® is by far the strongest fabric Western Rubber uses and more expensive compared to other fibers. However it can only be used in larger cross sections due to its thickness. It exhibits excellent heat resistant properties and decomposes above 400°F without melting. Kevlar® exhibits the same high temperature resistance as Nomex® with approximately three times the strength.


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