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Transformers are used in electrical power distribution grid to control the voltage supply to be made useable by power consumers. Transformers are mostly pole mounted or fixed on concrete pads from where electrical power is supplied to households, industries and other consumers. Mineral oil is a very critical ingredient in transformers that is used to cool the device and avoid power fluctuations. Any leakage of oil from the transformer can result in overheating and functional failure, which can turn into a fatal disaster. Hence, to ensure that there are no oil leaks from the transformer, rubber gaskets and Inflatable seals have a very crucial role to play in safely holding the oil within the transformer. Further, efficient sealing is necessary to prevent the entry of moisture inside the transformer. Presence of humidity or moisture within the transformer will lead to early ageing of the insulating material, resulting in early failure of the transformer. Therefore, having an effective weather resistant gasket is important to improve the life of the transformer.

Why Choose Western Rubbers

We at Western Rubbers’ study the properties of the mineral oil being used as well as the weather conditions in which the transformer will be operational. In accordance to this, appropriate sealing material is selected. In case of highly non-polar solvents, some of the rubber gaskets tend to fail. Western Rubbers’ has developed gaskets to overcome such problems. Our compression presses having platen size of 1.5m x 1.5m, enabling us to provide jointless gaskets for large transformers. Some of our products commonly used in transformers include:

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