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Western Rubbers present transparent silicone tubing which can resist temperature up from -30°C to + 220°C. Our transparent silicone tubing is completely unaffected by most of the water-soluble materials. Western Rubbers offer silicone transparent tubing which is highly resistant to UV (Ultraviolet) radiations. Due to the excellent flexibility, our silicone transparent tubing is weirdly used in different industrial fields. Western Rubbers fabricate a wide assortment of tubing to meet the various requirements of our clients in the national and international markets. Fabricated using 100% pure silicon rubber these are extensively used in chemical, pharmaceuticals, medical, heavy engineering, thermal power stations, food, and PSUs. These tubings are nonreactive to body fluid and tissues and are highly unaffected by most water-soluble material.

Rubber Tubing

Western Rubbers Transparent Silicone Tubing has the following Important features:

1) Made from Medical I Food grade transparent silicone rubber.

2) Silicone can be obtained in a range of qualities resistant to the temperature from -30°C to

3) Silicone tubing is toxicology , leachable and extractable tested for use in critical

4) USP class Vl and US FDA 21 CFR compliant.

5) Highly resistantto UV (Ultra violet), heat, cold, ozone & radiation.

6) Excellent flexibility – can be both stretched and compressed.

7) Available in ranging from 0.5mm ID to 54mm ID.

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