Western Rubbers Diaphragms

Diaphragms function as flexible barriers between two chambers, preventing the movement of fluids or contaminants from one chamber to another. They may be static or dynamic rubber seals. Western Rubbers’ is a leading manufacturer of rubber/PTFE diaphragms with a global distribution network. Diaphragms are used in a range of industries across the globe in assemblies of pumps, valves and actuators to regulate the flow and transfer of fluids. Generally,diaphragms are made of reinforcement layer sandwiched between two layers of rubber. Other than rubber, Western Rubbers’ has a hoslitic in-house facility for fabricating PTFE diaphragms as well. .

Why Us?

In-house tooling and compounding
All dies are custom fabricated in-house after undertaking extensive R&D, Western Rubbers’ now formulates and mixes all compounds in-house .Very quick order turnaround time
Extensive product capabilities
Sizes range from ¼” to 55” diameter. Specific elastomers can be used to withstand extremes of temperatures (-100C to +300C). Depending upon the application fabric reinforcements are used that can withstand pressures up to 1000 psi (68 bar)
Customer satisfaction
Our experienced sales engineers offer complete guidance throughout the process from prototyping to dispatch. Fast turnaround on quotations, prototypes, repeat orders, etc. All parts are 100% quality tested.
OEM replacement parts
We manufacture OEM replacement parts (diaphragms) for Wilden, Warren Rupp, Versamatic, Saunders, George Fisher, Blagdon and Samson Controls. Our superior grade selection and complete in-house processing ensure that our diaphragms have the best flex life in the industry. With the best quality, our diaphragms are reasonably priced compared to OEM and also offer significant cost reduction on bulk purchasing.